Research and projects

Gus has run several clinical trials in glaucoma surgery. His research interests include angle closure glaucoma, randomised controlled trials of glaucoma treatments, and anterior segment imaging.

He has authored over 110 publications, and is currently working as the chief investigator on the LiGHT SLT Trial.

Prof. Gazzard is the author of ’this definitive review of the data on the main treatment for angle closure. You can read this ground-breaking paper on his research here

His particular areas of research are the diagnosis and surgical management of glaucoma and cataracts, with a particular interest in randomised controlled trials of treatment as well as the epidemiology and prevention of myopia.

Research experience includes:

Research into laser alternatives to drop treatments (laser trabeculoplasty, SLT), angle closure glaucoma and randomised controlled trials of treatment.

Two years research into the diagnosis and management of glaucoma ~ Institute of Ophthalmology, London and Singapore National Eye Centre leading to MD Thesis (2006, UCL)

Two year Surgical Glaucoma Fellowship ~ Moorfields