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message from Professor Gus Gazzard

LATEST NEWS: Professor Gus Gazzard publishes ground breaking research

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Dissemination Centre has published an NIHR Signal on Mr. Gazzard’s research. You can view the Signal here: A laser eye procedure can be effective and safe if used early as a treatment for glaucoma

The prestigious medical journal The Lancet published results from a pioneering research study, funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and led by Professor Gus Gazzard, consultant ophthalmologist and Glaucoma Service Director at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

The results of the three-year trial showed that using laser-based treatment on newly diagnosed cases of glaucoma was more successful and more cost-effective than the current method of using intraocular pressure lowering eye drops. There was also less need for treatment to be escalated and there was a reduced need for both glaucoma surgery and cataract extractions compared with patients who received the eye drops.

The results could potentially improve the way glaucoma is treated across the world and, if the treatment proves to be as effective with patients who have had the condition for some time, could save the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds a year.

Gus Gazzard reflects on his pioneering glaucoma research in the following video: