PreserFlo™ MicroShunt

The PRESERFLO™ MicroShunt Glaucoma Drainage System is intended for the reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) in eyes of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma where IOP remains uncontrollable while on maximum tolerated medical therapy and/or where glaucoma progression warrants surgery.

The PRESERFLO™ MicroShunt is an aqueous shunt – a small, tube-like drainage device used to control IOP by creating an escape tunnel for any excess fluid from inside the eye to safely drain into a small blister, or filtering bleb, behind the eyelid. From there, the fluid is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream. By draining away excess fluid from inside the eye, an aqueous shunt will help to relieve pressure and prevent any further damage to the optic nerve.

Compared to more traditional filtering surgeries, implantation of an aqueous shunt may result in fewer postoperative complications that require extra intervention. Aqueous shunts are designed to stay in your eye permanently, to help keep control of the fluid level. It will prevent further vision loss but will not help with any existing vision problems.

The PRESERFLO™ MicroShunt is less than 1mm thick and has a winged design. The tube ensures the correct amount of fluid flows out of the eye, while the wings help to prevent leakage and make sure the device stays in place. The PRESERFLO™ MicroShunt is made of a soft, flexible biomaterial that conforms to the curve of your eye.

After anaesthesia has been given to the patient, one end of the PRESERFLO™ MicroShunt IRIS tube is inserted into the eye space in front of the iris, called the anterior chamber. The rest of the tube is tucked away under the protective membrane that surrounds the eye. This creates a small escape tunnel allowing the fluid to drain away into the space under the protective membrane, to form a filtering bleb. The protective membrane is then securely closed with small sutures.

The procedure itself is less invasive than traditional glaucoma surgeries and can have a shorter implantation time in comparison.

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