Yag Laser Capsulotomy

On occasion, the clear vision achieved after cataract surgery can become blurred. YAG laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure used to correct this.

Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure to remove and replace your natural lens with a new plastic one. This new plastic lens is placed inside the lens membrane (called the bag or capsule).

Over the course of time this lens membrane can thicken and become scarred. Vision can become misty and sensitive to glare as the cloudy capsule interferes with light reaching the back of the eye.

A YAG capsulotomy is a simple, common procedure to restore the vision to the level achieved after the original cataract surgery..

Professor Gazzard uses a special lens to apply a laser beam that creates a small hole in the centre of the capsule. Light can then pass through to the back of the eye and vision clears. The treatment is painless as anaesthetic drops are used to numb your eye before the laser and takes approximately 20 minutes.

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